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▶️ HARDEX RS-900 Neutral Cure Silicone Sealant is one part non-corrosive construction sealant with primerless adhesion to most substrates. It cures in the presence of atmospheric moisture to a long life formed-in-place silicone rubber joint sealant. It has excellent adhesion to most non-porous  surfaces such as stone, wood, brick, concrete, marble, ceramic, automotive body and etc.

🔴 Application:

◽ Shop Front Glass

◽ Industrial

◽ Aluminium Composite Panel

🔴 Advantages:

◽ 100% Silicone Rubber

◽ Non-acetic

◽ Flexible

◽ Sealing and Glazing

🔴How to use:

1️⃣ Surfaces must be clean, dry and oil free

2️⃣ Cut off tip of cartridge and nozzle. Screw on nozzle to cartridge. Cut nozzle to desired bead thickness at 45 degree angle, Insert cartridge cartridge into standard caulking gun

3️⃣ For a smooth seal, hold at 45 degree angle and apply by pushing sealant ahead of nozzle

4️⃣ Seal joint and tooling must be done immediately as silicone will skin in 10-15 minutes

5️⃣ Sealant dries to touch in 1 hour and fully cured in 24 hours

6️⃣ After sealant is completely cured, remove excess material by trimming with a sharp blade

7️⃣ Prepare opened cartridge for storage by allowing about ½ inch of sealant to cure outside the nozzle. Take off the ½ inch sealant and ready to use again

🔴 Packing Size:-RS900 = 300g (24PCS/CTN)

🔴 Caution 🔴

- On contact, uncured sealant causes irritation, avoid skin and eye contact. 

- In case of eye contact, flush eyes with water for 15 minutes and get medical attention immediately.

- In case of skin contact, flush with water.

- Keep out of reach of children