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▶️ HARDEX RS300 Acrylic Sealant (Gap Filler) is developed to use at windows, skirting boards, door frames, siding and any joint or gap where a weather tight seal is needed. It adheres well to wood, masonry, brick, plaster and most siding without bleeding, staining or discoloring.

▶️ Paintability: Allow HARDEX RS300 to dry for 30 minutes before painting with oil or latex base paint

🔴 Application:

◽ Cabinet

◽ Window

◽ Door

🔴 Advantages:

◽ Paintable

◽ Fungus & Mould Resistant

◽ Permanently Flexible

◽ Bonds & Seals

◽ Water Clean Up

🔴How to use:

1️⃣ Surface must be clean, dry and frost free for proper adhesion

2️⃣ Fill deep joints or voids with solid filler to ½” of surface

3️⃣ Cut off tip of cartridge. Screw on nozzle and cut at 45 degree angle to desired opening

4️⃣ For a smooth seal, hold out 45 degree angle and apply be pushing sealant ahead of nozzle

5️⃣ Excess material can be trimmed with putty knife or cleaned with a damp cloth

🔴 Packing Size:-RS300 = 300g/(24PCS/CTN)

🔴 Caution 🔴

-Direct contact of uncured sealant irritates eye and may irritate skin.

-In case of eye contact, flush eyes with water for 15 minutes and call a physician.

-In case of skin contact, wash skin thoroughly with soap and water.

-In case of ingestion, get medical attention immediately.

-Keep out of reach of children